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  • Joe Remiro – they guys it’s Joe Remiro and today I am with the best dentist in all of Fort Worth and Metroplex – his name is Dr. Spencer Hoyt who owns Forward Dental Arts, and my favorite thing about coming here is I love that I am greeted by name. form the minute I walk in I am offered a beverage I love how friendly the wait staff is the attention to detail and how at tentative the people are here and most of you are always assign about how do I get my teeth so white, well you got oth come see doctor Hoyt. I love the services that they offer for whitening Veneers, a little bit of Botox a little bit of everything so if you are looking to get that perfect dentist smile you have to come meet Dr. Hoyt at Forward Dental Art and his first whitening is on him for you! For any new patients – so come on down and see him, he is located right off of west 7th street, just across the street from Tom Thumb and the Montgomery Plaza, Forward Dental Arts, come get that white smile!

  • Hayden Rogers – hey so I am Hayden Rogers I am originally from Mississippi, and I just moved recently to Fort Worth over a year ago and I am second year at veterinary and I am getting very busy in my practice here. I had a really great dentist here back home and I had been going to since I was a child, but being in a professional school taking 26 hours a semester having patients regularly – kind of neglected my dental health. There was about 3 years, and so when I came to Fort Worth I was in the market for a new dentist and I just happened to be lucky enough to move into the neighborhood where Dr. Hoyt and his practice was – Googled and looked at reviews and what not and I think I made a really good choice coming here.

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