Dental Crowns


Do I Need a Crown?

One of the main focuses in my practice is the long-term preservation of tooth structure and overall oral health. However, when a significant portion of a tooth is missing either due to fracture, failed filling or decay, a crown is the best option. If we attempt to place a large filling when a crown is needed, this can lead to fracture of the tooth and even possibly a later extraction. A crown can protect the tooth from cracks and fractures better than a filling when a large amount of tooth structure is missing.

How are crowns made?

Traditionally, crowns are sent to a laboratory to be made by a technician. The patient wears a temporary crown for 2-3 weeks while the permanent crown is being made. The patient then returns again for a second visit to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent crown placed.

A Step Above the Rest

In my practice I have adapted world-class digital technology to fabricate extremely high-quality restorations in the same day. I have an in-house ceramics lab where I am able to fabricate restorations the same day for my patients.

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See How It's Made

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Insurance benefits and policies can be confusing. To help, we have a dedicated insurance specialist available in person or by phone or text message to give you a simple and straightforward explanation of your coverage.

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We are a self-pay friendly office. You’ll always know all costs ahead of time without any surprises and we’ll talk through payment options to find one that works the best for you.

*We also accept CareCredit.

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