Nitrus Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a form of inhaled minimal sedation. It produces a euphoric effect and can be adjusted as needed for the patient. Our administration of nitrous oxide is extremely safe, and after administration it is typically out of the patient’s system within five minutes.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For administration of oral conscious sedation, I utilize an oral medication to produce light sedation. Patients are relaxed, and some fall into a light sleep but can be easily awakened, while others attain a drowsy state. For this method, patients will need someone to drive them home.

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Valium is a medication that produces a calming effect. In my practice, I use it as a light anti-anxiety medication. It can be taken the night prior to a procedure if a patient has trouble resting, the morning of the procedure, or right before the procedure. For this method, patients will need someone to drive them home.

Important Information

For all sedation it is important to review in detail health history and expectations. A thorough review of pre-, during- and post-procedure instructions will also be discussed. Health history and instructions are extremely important.

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