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Friday July 22, 2022


Many of the foods we eat and drink make it challenging to keep our pearly whites looking their best. Wine, coffee, tea, berries, and many other foods are culprits in staining our teeth. While there are teeth whitening products on the market, nothing beats having your teeth professionally cleaned and whitened.

Dr. Spencer Hoyt and his team at Fort Worth Dental Arts in Fort Worth, Texas, have the latest stain removal procedures and techniques to give you your whitest smile.

One Goal, A Beautiful Smile:

The Fort Worth Dental Arts team has one goal: to give patients their best smile possible. Teeth whitening is one way to a brighter, whiter smile. All new patients get a complimentary take-home customized whitening tray with Opalescence teeth whitening gel.

Dr. Hoyt also invests a great deal of time discussing the patient’s dental needs and then gives them options for achieving their goals.

Many Options for a Winning White Smile:

Dr. Hoyt and his team use a variety of teeth whitening products, including well-known products from Ultradent and Opalescence.

  • Deluxe Professional Whitening: This is one of the top whitening products on the market, and together with a dental polishing and Opalescence Boot whitening gel, the combination offers a unique under-the-surface brightening, so you leave with the whitest smile possible.
  • Take-home Teeth Whitening: At Fort Worth Dental Arts, the team wants you to maintain your smile, so they offer Opalescence Go, which are prefilled whitening trays to use at home. Patients can use the whitening trays between visits to maintain their gorgeous smiles.
  • At Home Opalescence Teeth Whitening Syringes: For patients who want the best smile possible and have custom teeth whitening trays or clear aligners, the Opalescence teeth whitening syringes are the answer. They come in various concentrations, and wear time depends on the strength of the concentration. Dr. Hoyt personally prescribes the right formula and concentration based on each patient’s teeth. This gives the most excellent customized whitening process ever.
  • Opalescence Toothpaste: In between cleanings and whitening procedures, patients often opt for Opalescence toothpaste, which can be used regularly to keep teeth looking their best in between whitening sessions.
  • Post-whitening Desensitizing Gel: For those that experience sensitivity, the practice offers UltraEZ desensitizing gel to treat sensitivity after a stain removal session.
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Improve Your Smile Today with Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment in Fort Worth, Texas

If you want a stain removal treatment to brighten your smile, then contact the Fort Worth Dental Arts team. They will discuss your goals and give you the best options for your lifestyle.

Don’t delay; a younger, more vibrant smile is just a phone call away. You can reach the team at (817) 529-1600 today. The office is conveniently located at 2421 West 7th Street, #103 in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Dr. Spencer Hoyt

Dr. Spencer Hoyt obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and followed his Residency/ Advanced Education in General Dentistry from the world-renowned University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, CA. He established Fort Worth Dental Arts in 2011 to see dentistry done differently as he was passionate about providing quality dental care to his community.

Dr. Hoyt is an active member of the American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, CEREC Doctors, and Spear Education. He was voted Best Dentist' 2019, 2020, 2021 by Fort Worth Weekly.

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