Fill your smile and the holes in your teeth!

If you have holes/cavities in your teeth, fillings and inlays are your easy and simple solution.

What are fillings and inlays?

Material that is used to replace missing or fractured tooth structure.

What is a filling made of?

Either composite or porcelain, depending on the patient’s requirements.

What is composite?

A putty that forms a matrix and is later bonded to the tooth. It restores small holes in teeth. Shaping composite is an art. First, the shade is selected to match the tooth. It’s designed, shaped, finished, and polished to mimic the natural tooth.

What is a porcelain inlay/filling?

A conservative solution to restore large holes in teeth when a crown is unnecessary.

Benefits: Saves tooth structure that would have to be removed for a crown. Adds strength to the tooth. Customized to match the shade and contours of the natural tooth.

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